Social Conscience

The Parish aspires to develop a strong social conscience in our community, particularly through our young people and promote awareness of support groups within our own Parish.
The objectives for Social Conscience are:

  • Run religious/social program initiatives throughout the school year, actively involving all schools in the Parish.
  • Update the Parish website and the Parish Newsletter with details of support groups, contact details and meeting times and venues.
  • Have regular open days promoted and facilitated by the Parish, with certain schools/classes associating more closely with social and justice groups.
  • Have quarterly updates in the Parish Newsletter with high level metrics, providing some understanding of the scale of the issues but also the progress being made.
  • Host periodic Update Evenings, involving schools, volunteers and all local politicians/councillors.
  • Introduce ‘themed’ Masses, raising awareness, understanding and reaching out.

Stillorgan / Mount Merrion Action Group